Summer Containers – Denver, CO

Denver Botanical Gardens

Welcome to the Denver Botanical Gardens.  This place has container inspiration along every walkway and garden.

Huge containers
Entrance Containers

Tall color filled entrance containers welcome you to the Denver Botanical Gardens.   These containers are lush, bright, and most important they are huge!  I love containers that howler and fill a space.

Rustic containers
Rustic box containers

Rustic wood and iron box containers skirt the length of the Greenhouse Complex foundation.  Succulents, annuals, and perennials fill these containers.  Each box planting combination is different which keeps your eye moving along the long display.

Agave and water
Agave and water!

Agaves appear to spring out from the Steppe Garden waterway.  Geez, I love this unexpected combination.

The Denver Botanical Gardens team did an amazing job displaying beautiful containers throughout the gardens.

Author: Tina Gibson

Simply, my business goal is to be an environmentally ethical designer, gardener and horticulturalist. My experience includes public and private gardens that I have worked with.

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