Miami, Florida – Viscaya

It is difficult to write about Viscaya without stringing superlatives together. Viscaya sits at the rim of Biscayne Bay. When you visit Viscaya you will enjoy the location, art, history, and the mist of the waves splashing the shoreline. I went to Viscaya to study and find design inspiration.

Boat Dock

The structural materials selected to design the gardens have an intentional weathered appearance. Some of my favorite structures are the water features. The boat dock is massive and amazing (photo 1).

Parterre Recessed Pool

Recessed at the rim of the parterre are shell shaped water features these pools have a cooling effect (photo 2).



Toad Fountain

Overlooking the parterre a toad fountain is centered on the steps connecting the home to the gardens (photo 3).

Yup, this basic garden maker has no problem rambling about the Viscaya gardens. Of course I took lots of pictures. This place is relaxing and inspiring. It is worth a visit.

Author: Tina Gibson

Simply, my business goal is to be an environmentally ethical designer, gardener and horticulturalist. My experience includes public and private gardens that I have worked with.

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